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Welcome to CxReports Documentation

CxReports is a sophisticated platform for automated generation and delivery of PDF reports with a high degree of customization. Catering to a variety of needs, from generating invoices and balance sheets to sales and inventory reports, CxReports combines ease of use with a comprehensive feature set, making it the go-to solution for report generation and distribution.

Target Audience

The documentation is tailored primarily for system administrators who manage the software infrastructure and for professionals designing versatile and branded reports across various domains.

Understanding the Documentation

We've organized the documentation to ensure a smooth learning curve and to enhance your experience with CxReports:

  1. Intro - Get started with the basic features of CxReports quickly and efficiently.
  2. Reporting Settings - Learn to personalize reports by configuring themes, templates, files, and dictionaries.
  3. Authoring Reports - Engage with more in-depth topics and learn advanced techniques for report creation.
  4. Components - Find detailed guidance on how to use and integrate various reporting components such as tables, charts, images, and texts into your reports.
  5. Workspace Settings - Receive instructions on how to establish and manage workspaces for optimal organization of your reporting environment.
  6. System Settings - Discover the best practices for managing system-level settings to maintain a high-performance and secure CxReports setup.

Begin with Hands-on Exploration

Start with CxReports by installing it locally or requesting access to our demo environment. We highly recommend the invoice tutorial, which is a practical, hands-on way to familiarize yourself with the functionalities and benefits of CxReports.