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List Component in CxReports

The List component in CxReports is a versatile tool that allows you to create a list with various items in it. This guide will walk you through the features and usage of the List component.

Basic Features

The List component provides several options for customization. You can define the starting numbered value of the list, or choose from different bullet types within the dropdown menu. Additionally, you can define the indent size and change the color of the bullet or value.

Adding Components to the List

One of the features of the List component is the "Repeat this component" option. This feature enables you to add a component to the list and repeat it multiple times based on the values from the data source.

The items that can be added to the list are all available components. Once added, these components within the list can be independently configured, providing you with a high level of flexibility and control over your list's appearance and functionality.

Acceptance of Other Components

It's important to note that the List component, along with the Flow component, is the only component that accepts other components into it. This makes it a powerful tool for creating complex, multi-component lists.