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Spacer Component

The Spacer component is a simple box that you can style according to your needs. It's similar to the Separator component.

Adding Spacer component

To add the Spacer component to your report, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop Spacer component from the components bar into a page of the report or a flow.
  2. Proceed to customize the component field within configuration tab on the right sidebar.

When to Use a Spacer?

The Spacer component is most commonly used in two scenarios:

  1. Adding Space: You can use a Spacer to add extra space in your report. This can help in improving the readability and overall layout of your report.

  2. Placeholder: If you're planning to add a component to your report later, you can use a Spacer as a placeholder. This helps in maintaining the structure of your report while you're still working on it.