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Workspace Roles

Roles within workspaces are crucial for governing user access. This section will guide you on how to define and manage roles effectively.

Understanding Workspace Roles

Workspace roles are permission sets assigned to users. They dictate the access level users have to features within CxReports, like reports, templates, and data sources. Assigning roles ensures users can perform their tasks without compromising data security or integrity.

Default Role

CxReports provides a default role Administrator. Users with this role have full access to all workspace features and settings.

All other roles are created according to the specific needs of your organization and must be added manually.

Creating Custom Roles

Custom roles allow for tailored access control:

  1. Go to Workspace Configuration > Roles.
  2. Click Add New Role.
  3. Name the role and provide a description.
  4. Set permissions for categories like Reports, Templates, and Themes.
  5. Choose from No Access, Read, or Full Access.
  6. Click Save to establish the new role.

For details on assigning these roles to users, please refer to the section Assigning Roles to Workspace Users in our documentation.

Best Practices for Role Management

  • Least Privilege: Give the minimal access necessary for job functions.
  • Review Periodically: Ensure roles align with responsibilities and policies.
  • Clear Names: Use descriptive role names for clarity.

By managing workspace roles diligently, you create a secure, efficient reporting environment in CxReports, ensuring correct access for all users.