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The HTML component in CxReports allows adding rich text within your reports. This component allows you to add a variety of content, from simple paragraphs to complex layouts, using the convenience of an integrated rich text editor or by entering raw HTML code directly.

Integrated Rich Text Editor

With the integrated rich text editor, you can create and format your report content visually without needing to write any HTML code. It provides a user-friendly interface similar to what you might find in word processing software, making it easy to customize the text to match your reporting needs.

Editing HTML Content

For users who prefer more control or need to implement more intricate designs, the HTML component also accepts raw HTML. This feature is ideal for those who are familiar with HTML and CSS and wish to apply custom styles or intricate structures beyond what the rich text editor offers.

Accessing the Text Editor

To edit the content within the HTML component, you simply need to double-click on the component after adding it to the report page. This action will open up the text editor, allowing you to make changes to the text, add formatting, and incorporate HTML tags as needed for your report.