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Workspaces in CxReports

Workspaces are a key feature in CxReports. They provide a way to organize your reports and data in separate, independent areas within the application. Think of them as individual sandboxes where you can play around with your data without affecting other workspaces.

Creating Workspaces

As a root user, you have the ability to create new workspaces. These are accessible from the Workspaces page within the application. It's important to note that workspaces are not interconnected. This means that each workspace operates independently of the others.

To create a workspace, follow these steps:

  1. Select Add new workspace.
  2. Add a Name of the workspace.
  3. Add a Description of the workspace.
  4. Add a Code of the workspace.
  5. Optional: Init configuration switch offers user to initialize default report type, parameter group, language and theme.
  6. Select Add.

Managing Workspace Users

After creating a workspace, it won't have any users assigned to it by default. You, as a root user, need to manually add users to the workspace. This is done through the Workspace Users section of the application.