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Themes are essential to the visual appearance of reports in CxReports, defining how reports look and feel. You can manage themes conveniently on the Themes page, where all available themes are displayed. This area lets you add new aesthetics to the palette or tweak the existing ones to match your needs better.

Theme Elements

A theme in CxReports is composed of various customizable elements, allowing you to align your reports with your corporate branding or personal design preferences.

Colors Tab

The Colors tab is your palette, where you can add named colors to the theme. Defining primary and secondary colors is a common practice, as well as specifying additional utility colors. These can then be conveniently referenced throughout the report by their name using the CSS custom properties syntax, enhancing consistency and ease of changes.

Text Tab

Under the Text tab, you'll find the typographic settings for common textual elements such as paragraphs and headers. Here, you select the font family, size, text color, transformation, line height, and define margins. Adjusting these settings gives you control over the default appearance of text across your reports.

Tables Tab

The Tables tab assists you in crafting the look of your tables. It's separated into sections for table cells and headers, where you can define typography, padding, borders, and background colors among other styles. These details ensure that the data presented in tables is both readable and aesthetically pleasing.

Charts Tab

With the Charts tab, you can specify the color palette for different series within charts, an important aspect for visual distinction and interpretation. Additionally, this tab allows you to style common chart elements, including axis lines and guidelines.

Custom CSS Tab

If you need more flexibility, the Custom CSS tab is where you can craft your own CSS classes. These classes can then be applied within the report authoring process for that extra layer of customizability.

External CSS Tab

Lastly, the External CSS tab provides options to link external CSS files to your theme. A typical use case is to include fonts from external sources, such as Google Fonts, to extend your typographic choices beyond the default set provided by CxReports.