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Flow is a report component in CxReports that serves as a layout mechanism for its child components. It provides an easy-to-use interface to organize elements within reports and can be configured for either horizontal or vertical layouts.

The component uses the display: flex CSS rule, enabling it to manage space distribution and alignment of items within the container efficiently. This approach allows for a flexible design that adjusts well to varying content sizes and display dimensions.

Orientation of Flow

The direction of item arrangement in Flow is dictated by its orientation setting:

Horizontal Flow

When Flow is set to horizontal orientation, it aligns child components in a row across the horizontal plane. This is useful for placing elements such as charts, images, and text blocks side by side.

Vertical Flow

In the vertical orientation, Flow positions child components in a column, one on top of another, down the vertical plane. This arrangement suits the sequential placement of items like paragraphs, forms, or tabular data.


Flow allows for basic customization with the ability to apply background color, padding, and margins. These style settings provide control over the visual spacing and overall look of the Flow container, aiding in the creation of a clean and organized layout.