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Separator Component in CxReports

The Separator component in CxReports is a straightforward tool that allows you to create spaces in your reports. This component is particularly useful when you need to create a clear distinction between different sections of your report.

What is a Separator?

A Separator is a simple line that can be inserted into your report. It can be either horizontal or vertical, depending on your needs. The primary purpose of the Separator is to create a visual break, making your report easier to read and understand.

Adding the Separator

To add the Separator component to your report, follow these steps:

  1. Drag and drop Separator component from the components bar into a page of the report or a flow.
  2. Proceed to customize the component field within the configuration tab on the right sidebar.

Using the Separator with Other Components

The Separator component is often used in conjunction with other components within a single flow. By inserting a Separator between these components, you can create clear spacing, making your report more organized and easier to follow.