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The Badge component in CxReports is designed to display specific status information related to a selected data source. This feature allows users to enhance their reports by adding a visual element that indicates particular data conditions or statuses.

Configuration of the Badge Component

Setting Display Values

Users can configure the Badge to show specific information instead of just the raw data from the data source. This flexibility allows for a more tailored display, showing either calculated values, status texts, or any other user-defined information based on the data.

In scenarios where the desired display information is not available due to the current data conditions, the Badge component provides a fallback option. Users can enable a setting to display the exact data present in the source. This ensures that the Badge remains useful and informative even when conditions change or expected data is not available.

Customization and Styling

Beyond its functional capabilities, the Badge component can be fully stylized to fit the visual design of your report or dashboard. Users have the ability to customize:

  • Colors
  • Fonts
  • Border styles
  • Backgrounds

This level of customization ensures that the Badge not only serves a functional purpose but also complements the aesthetic of the overall report.

By utilizing the Badge component, users can make their reports more interactive and visually appealing, providing clear and immediate insights into the data status or conditions directly influenced by the underlying data sources.