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Report Types

Report types are a feature in CxReports used to categorize the different kinds of reports such as invoices, payment receipts, and others. This makes it easier to manage and organize documents according to their purpose.

When setting up CxReports for the first time, workspaces come with a single pre-configured report type named "Other." This is a generic type that can be used for miscellaneous reports that don't necessarily fit into a predefined category.

Each report type is assigned a unique code. This code simplifies the process of finding and identifying reports via the CxReports API. For instance, invoice reports can easily be accessed by using the API with a parameter such as reportType=invoice.

Additionally, every report type has the option to be linked to a default report. This report acts as a template that defines the standard format and content for all subsequent reports of the same type. Users can still work on crafting new reports while having an existing one set as the default template. Once the new report is complete and meets expectations, it can take over as the new default template for its report type, ensuring that the most updated version is used going forward.

Management of report types is handled through the Workspace Configuration under "Report Types," where users can view and adjust the settings for their various reports. This functionality allows for continued refinement and evolution of report templates as business needs change.