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The Heading is a report component that you can use to insert headings into your reports. These headings serve as titles and sub-titles to structure content, allowing easier navigation and reader comprehension.

Heading Levels

CxReports provides six levels of headings, from H1 to H6. H1 represents the highest level heading, which you would typically use for major sections of your report. H6 denotes the lowest level heading, suitable for sub-sections or minor points.

Table of Contents Integration

All headings are included in the Table of Contents by default, but you can adjust which headings are visible by configuring the Table of Contents settings. This flexibility helps you tailor the report's navigation to the needs of your audience and the detail of your content.

Styling and Themes

Headings inherit the general styling from the theme applied to your report. If needed, you can override these styles by adding custom styling to a specific Heading component to suit your reporting needs.

Dynamic Content

Headings can be dynamic and display data-driven content. They can show values from data sources or parameters by using Text Templates, making your headings responsive to the data presented in the report.

Editing Headings

To edit a Heading, double-click the component in the report. This will open a window that enables quick text editing, streamlining the process of modifying your headings.