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Page Types

Reports can incorporate a wide array of page types to effectively convey information. Standard pages form the foundation for most reports, but there are times when a report will deviate from these typical formats to suit specific needs. Key variations include:

  • Cover Pages: Serve as the frontispiece of the report, often designed with distinct visuals and introductory information.
  • Rotated Pages: Utilize landscape orientation to present large tables or datasets that require more horizontal space.
  • Countable Pages: Include page numbers to facilitate easy navigation and referencing throughout the report.
  • Blank Pages: May be inserted for aesthetic or organizational purposes, containing no written content.

The facility to accurately register and identify these page types is crucial. It allows users to apply different templates to a report based on its unique content requirements. This flexibility ensures that if one template does not suffice or appeal to preferences, an alternative template can easily be adopted. By standardizing page types, report templates become interchangeable among various reports.