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Data Export

In CxReports, the Data Export feature allows you to export specific configurations in JSON format. This can be particularly useful when you want to transfer these elements to different workspaces or even different CxReports domains.

Exportable Elements

The elements that you can export in CxReports include:

Each of these elements plays a crucial role in the functionality of CxReports. By exporting them, you can ensure consistency across different workspaces or domains.

Importing Exported Data

Once you have exported the data, you can then import it into the desired workspace or domain. This allows you to replicate settings and configurations, saving you the time and effort of setting up each element in the new location.


Exporting reports is done through Reports page

Using Data Export

To export the data you want, follow these steps:

  1. Open Data Export page.
  2. Go through the tabs of exportable elements and select what you want to export (selected elements will be available in the preview on the right).
  3. Click on Export Selected.
  4. Save the JSON file locally wherever you prefer.