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In CxReports, you have the ability to upload and manage various files that are essential for customizing and enhancing your reports. These files can be utilized to incorporate logos, apply company-specific fonts, or implement a particular stylesheet across your reports:

  • Images: PNG, JPEG, SVG for logos or other graphical content.
  • Fonts: TTF, OTF for custom typography in your reports.
  • CSS Files: CSS files for styling and customizing the appearance of your reports.

Once uploaded, images can be easily referenced and incorporated into your reports using the Image report component.

Fonts and CSS files can be integrated into your Themes, helping to achieve consistent styling across all documents. To get the URL of a file, simply right-click on the file and select Copy URL.

Organizing your files into folders is a good idea. Folders help in categorizing and retrieving files quickly, especially when dealing with a large number of resources.