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Data Import

The Data Import feature in CxReports allows you to import JSON files that you've previously exported. This feature is particularly useful when you need to move your data or configurations from one workspace to another.

Importing Data

To import data, navigate to the Data Import page. Here, you can upload the JSON file that contains your data.

Please note that the data you're importing should match the structure of the data that CxReports expects. This means that the JSON file should either exported from CxReports or created in the same format.

Handling Dependencies

When importing data, it's crucial to be aware of any dependencies in the configuration you're importing. For example, if you're importing templates, the corresponding theme must already exist in the workspace. If the theme isn't present, the import process will fail.

To avoid this, ensure that you import any dependent configurations before importing the main configuration. In the case of templates, this means importing the theme before the templates.

Note: Importing reports is done through Reports page

Using Data Import

To import the data you want, follow these steps:

  1. Open Data Import page
  2. Click on Import Data
  3. Locate and select the exported JSON file
  4. Go through the tabs of imported data and select/deselect what do you want to import (selected elements will be available in the preview on the right)
  5. Click on Import Selected


Make sure to pay attention to dependencies when importing the data.